UK House prices allows you to compare house prices across England and Wales. The house prices are the average median prices in the area and you can get information from 1996 onwards.

Enter a location in the form below (it automatically offers you possible results) and use the slider control to define the time period. Then hit the "see house prices" to get the results. Repeat as often as you like.

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Time period: Q3-2008 - Q3-2009

Median price?

The "median" property price is determined by ranking all property prices in ascending order. The median is the mid-point of this ranking with 50 per cent of prices below the median and 50 per cent above.


Excluded from the above figures are sales at less than market price (e.g. Right To Buy), sales below £1,000 and sales above £20m.


The districts, unitary authorities and counties listed above are based on 1 April 2009 boundaries. Some earlier figures for newly formed local authorities are missing and will be added at a later stage.

What about data from Scotland and Northern Ireland?*

Whilst the name of this site is UK House Prices we right now only cover England and Wales. This is all the data we have at the moment. We'd love to remedy this as soon as we can get our hands on the information about Scotland and Northern Ireland and need your help to demand this data to be published on

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